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Bruce Hyer

On Saving Via Rail

VIA Rail is dying in the hands of the government. The results contained in VIA’s annual report are abysmal. By virtually every measure, VIA is continuing a nose-down descent. Revenue is up slightly, but operating loss is climbing faster. Ridership, cost recovery and on-time performances are all dropping dangerously, but for many reasons they could be fixed, if we cared, if we chose to.


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On the Carbon Fee and Dividend

Canada must implement a carbon fee and dividend policy. It is a simple, transparent, revenue-neutral carbon pricing system that would be easy and inexpensive to administer.

Here is how it works.

Coal mines and oil and gas wells will pay for their C02 emissions at the source or at the border and not a penny will go to the government. The dividends generated from those payments will be paid directly back to Canadians on an equal per capital basis, thus reducing poverty and C02 at the same time.

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On Pharmacare

Equal access to all is at the core of our entire public health care system, yet, it’s a principle under serious threat today by the continued exclusion of drug costs from Canada’s health Care system.

An effective national strategy is needed to ensure equal access to necessary drugs and to bring down the cost of those drugs. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Countries with higher public investment in drug coverage have lower per capita expenditures on drugs.


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