Bruce Hyer, MP Thunder Bay Superior North

Bruce Hyer Supports Nathan Cullen for Prime Minister

Northwest Ontario MP backs rising star in NDP Leadership

March 14, 2012

OTTAWA – Bruce Hyer (NDP, Thunder Bay-Superior North) is endorsing Nathan Cullen for the leadership of the federal New Democratic Party. Hyer noted that Cullen has emerged as an exceptional leader in a field of very strong candidates.

Hyer said: "Though no-one can replace him, on March 24, the NDP will be electing a successor to Jack. We won't just be selecting a new Leader. We will likely be selecting the next Prime Minister of Canada. We must choose a leader who is a uniter, not a divider. Who thinks long term. Who dares to dream of a Canada that is cleaner, greener, safer, and more democratic than today. Who has the vision and the leadership to make sure that Canada is prosperous for all, and no one is left behind. One who can address the growing income gaps fostered by the Conservatives. Who understands that we can have a Canada where both the economy and the ecology can be sustainable, and takes decisive action on both.

"I have been thinking carefully about a successor since Jack's tragic death. I have worked with most of the candidates for over three years, and am impressed by most of them. I have questioned them all closely. All the candidates got back to me with thoughtful responses to my questions except for Peggy Nash. I will be voting for only 3 nominees on the preferential ballot: Nathan Cullen, Thomas Mulcair, and Paul Dewar.

“I am particularly impressed with Nathan. As former small business person, I know he understands small business. He is bilingual and has done international development work. He is a well respected expert on environment, energy, and natural resource policy. If Nathan is elected leader, I hope he will consider working with Thomas Mulcair. In combination, they can build a stronger and truly "new" NDP that represents all of Canada: Urban and Rural, East and West. If the NDP is to form government, we must understand and stand up for all Canadians: small business owners, First Nations, families, and all workers whether unionized or not.

“If Thomas Mulcair or Paul Dewar becomes our new leader, I will be very pleased, and I will be proud to work with them and for them to build a better Canada. If Nathan Cullen wins, I will be ecstatic. He has energy and vision. He will be Stephen Harper's worst nightmare.”

The federal NDP Leadership Convention is to be held on March 23 & 24, in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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