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A 360-degree view of Popular PNP Programs in Canada

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The Provincial Nominee Programs aka PNPs is a distinctive program that paves the path for various Canadian provinces including territories to nominate individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada. Apparently, this may sound a bit complex, but taking aid of eminent Toronto immigration lawyers can conduit every problem with proper assistance.

Here’s a panoramic view describing each province’s requisites and regulations for a smooth transition. Read on to cater to the grey cells:

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Entrepreneur Immigration (Pilot Program) in British Columbia

Here, in this specific pilot, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs collaborates with several regional communities apparently welcome individuals planning to set up their business in Canada. However, here’s a catch point – a maximum of 200 registrations get accepted per month. If an immigrant entrepreneur follows the directions given by experienced Toronto immigration lawyers can swiftly crack the process. Furthermore, applicants must meet these qualities to ensure eligibility:

  • Must have a minimum business investment of $100,000
  • Need to conduct a community visit
  • Business vintage of minimum 3 years
  • Need to create at least one job for an existing/permanent Canadian citizen

Business Provincial Nominee Stream in British Columbia

An abundance of immigrants also opt for this stream. It also entails a few personal and professional requirements for the applicants to meet.

Starting with a few vital personal requirements:

  • Adequate management experience with a personal net worth of at least CAD$600,000
  • Must be lawfully admitted in their current residing nations

Now, there are the business/job requirements:

  • Must establish an eligible new business/purchase or may work further to ameliorate an existing business
  • A minimum of CAD$200,000 must be personally invested in the business
  • Creating job opportunities for Canadian citizen

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Immigrant Nominee Program in Alberta

Under the regulations of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) in 2018, Alberta received an increment in its federal government. It is further categorized into 3 streams which are – strategic development stream, employee-driven and self-employed farmer stream. Albeit, it has some set of eligibility criteria, Toronto immigration lawyers take care of all the hassles without breaking a sweat.

Business Investor Stream in Manitoba

This definite stream has two pathways when it comes to Manitoba immigration. The following are cited below:

  • Farmer Investor Pathway

Applicants with temporary work permit can open a farm in the rural areas of Manitoba.

  • Entrepreneur Pathway

Here, the candidates get the advantage of temporary work permit. They can settle in Canada after the successful establishment of their business according to the norm of a Business Performance Agreement.

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Provincial Nominee Program in Prince Edward Island

Before opting for the program summary, the candidates must know PEI proffers an unmatched quality of lifestyle. People can get lowest housing prices with this program. According to the statistics, approximately 1 million visitors visit the place for its unfathomable beauty.

Moreover, as per the norm, applicants can apply for Citizenship after having a 3 years stay in Canada.

With such benefit-driven programs, PNP along with the efforts of Toronto immigration lawyers is undoubtedly opening a new avenue for the immigrants.

Fired? Laid off? Speak to the Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto

Do you want to hire the Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto but do not know how to get started? This is just the right blog for you.  Hiring a lawyer when you get fired or laid off can be pretty challenging.  Unlike the cases of personal injury, there are several employment lawyers running the TV advertisement in an attempt to make you call immediately.

It is because of the complicated statutory nature of the employment law practice; there are only a handful of lawyers even in a large city who are board certified for representing the employees in any employment related problems.  Few of them who are qualified and have several years of experience might be difficult to hire as they are extremely busy. This is the reason you have to do some research and get your own materials together prior to hiring the Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto.

To get you started, there is a handy guide outlining with some of the basic steps that you should take to hire the Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto.

Do a Little Research

Prior to picking up the phone and start making the calls, you need to pick up your mouse and start making some clicks. A good employment lawyer will have a website or some blog that will provide loads of quality information regarding the employment law problems. Take a look at the practice areas of the lawyer. Make sure that you do not hire a jack-of-all trades and a master of none attorney.

Check for the Board Certification

Lawyers have to be board certified in order to practice employment law. This is a certification that is provided to the lawyer  when they have practiced employment law for a long period of time, provides recommendations from the judges and lawyers with whom they have practices and who have passed out a lengthy process of examination.

Top rated employment lawyer in toronto

Understand the Fees

A majority of the employment lawyers will work on a contingency fee basis. This simply means that after a successful claim they are going to charge the percent of the total amount that has been recovered from the case. It is necessary to make sure that you understand the agreement and what is going to happen if the case goes for a trial.

Check for Free Consultation

The Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto that you get in touch with should offer free initial consultation for discussing your case. A majority of the times, the law firm can decide the facts of the case through email and telephone communication. This will help in exchanging the documents so that the lawyer is able to review it beforehand.

Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto

Prepare for the Consultation

When you get the consultation with the employment lawyer, it is necessary to prepare for making the most of the time you are going to have the lawyer. Employment lawyers will get dozens of contacts every week from the prospective and they are going to be selective regarding the cases that they are taking. The initial consultation with the Top rated employment lawyer in Toronto is the best opportunity to make sure that the lawyer is well-informed regarding the various facts of the case. It is the best way to show the attorney that you are the best one to work with. Get more information on employment law changes in Canada here!

Canada Amends Passports Rules to Address Child Safety Concerns

Canada’s Government is known to have amended the rules that govern the Canadian passport to address the concern for the safety of the children and the misuse of the passport. The newly modified rules offer Canada’s immigration Minister with the right to decline a passport to a child from Canada who is under sixteen years of age. Immigration lawyers Brampton is of the opinion that if he/she can do so if there is a reasonable ground to believe that doing so is in the best interest of the child.  Similar concern can also be used for justifying the acceptance of the passport to a child less than sixteen years in cases where the legal or the parent guardian hasn’t applied for.

In certain circumstances, it is in the best interest of the Canadian child to have the passport. However, the child parents or the legal guardian are unable or unwilling to apply.

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Cancellations, refusal, revocation of the child’s passport is permitted in case it is best for the child not to travel.  For instance, the Amber Alert case when the child disappears and there is some concern regarding her safety.  The amendment actually address the concerns which have been raised by the standing committee of the parliament on the Human Rights order that they did not do enough to ensure the protection of the children.  Immigration lawyers Brampton says that in both the case, the best interest of the child is to be determined by the immigration lawyer along with the government and non-government partners with the due considerations for the child’s physical, cultural, and emotional safety.

Refusal for Misuse

Immigration lawyers Brampton states that the new rule offers the Immigration Minister of Canada the right to revoke or refuse the passport of the person who allows some other people to use it. Before the present amendment, there isn’t any explicit authority that will allow revocation or refusal in case a person facilitates the misuse of the passport for someone else.

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Moreover, Immigration lawyers Brampton states that the minister is entitled to refuse the issue of the passport to the person if he/she has some reasonable grounds that the person facilitated the passport use by a person other than the passport bearer.

IRCC said that the amendment helps in addressing the integrity gaps which results from the decisions of the court which have hampered the ability to revoke or refuse the passport in case of any passport offences like identity fraud, false statements, forgery in regards to the passport.

There are many offences which are related to the issuance of the passport and are called hybrid offences. This means that they can prosecute as summary or indictable offense. As under the previous order, there wasn’t any explicit authority that could refuse or revoke the passport when a person had been charged with a hybrid offense which the Crown had planned to pursue summarily.  The new rule states that the authority can refuse or revoke the passport when they charged with a hybrid offense. Immigration lawyers Brampton mentions that the amended rules became immediately effective. Learn more about business immigration to Canada here!

Hiring Divorce Lawyer Oakville to Discuss Psychological Harm

Divorce is the final termination of marriage. Many spouses find it hard to accept the fact that their marriage has ended and they are now heading for a divorce procedure.

Even after repeatedly trying to settle the matter, it becomes impossible to resolve the issues. The best solution left for couples is to file a divorce. Going through divorce is a stressful thing and at this point many people make mistake by not hiring divorce lawyer Oakville. In order to handle divorce cases, it would be better if one hires a divorce attorney. After all, seeking the help of an expert legal counsel can make it easy for one spouse to handle the matter easily.

Hiring an Attorney a Better Idea

One must be well aware of the fact that divorce is a complicated process and if one doesn’t know the laws by heart it can affect their case. On the other hand, when one hires a divorce lawyer Oakville, one can have complete peace of mind. The attorneys having wide years of experience in this field can help clients to arrive at right decisions which won’t affect their life or their case.

 divorce lawyer oakville

Reason to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Here, in this blog, one would get to know when one should think of hiring a divorce attorney.

Unfamiliar with the Law or Family Court

When a person tries to represent the case on their own, a judge or prosecutor may not provide special treatment. Also, a person may not know which documents to present during the court process. However, when one hires a divorce lawyer Oakville, the lawyer can easily prepare and handle the case.

Handling Paperwork

Divorce attorneys can help clients by completing divorce related paperwork’s. When they handle paperwork’s any kind of mistake can be avoided. This can help a judge to rely on the fact and hand out fair judgment.

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Provide Objective Advice

Divorce can be very emotional for a person. One usually goes through a wide range of emotions. Being emotionally vulnerable a person may not be able to handle the divorce process well. However, a divorce attorney can guide clients during the case. With their help clients can arrive at best resolution.

Attorney Are the Best Resource

Divorce laws change from time to time. For a common man it can be very difficult to keep up with these puzzling laws. However, a divorce lawyer Oakville can remain up to date with the laws related to divorce. Thus, they can help clients to fill the necessary forms and submit documents so the process ends smoothly. Moreover they can evaluate situation and predict the outcome of the case.

Provide Options

If one doesn’t want to go through the lengthy divorce procedure, one can opt for settlement. Divorce attorneys can help to negotiate settlement deals outside court.

When a person goes through divorce proceedings, they feel stressed, depressed. Deciding to fight a divorce case on one’s own in this situation can prove detrimental. Thus, in order to protect the interest of one party, it would be better if one takes the help of an expert divorce lawyer Oakville.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer and Their Importance in the Society

Most of you might have realized that law is made to serve several purposes. It is meant for the maintenance of law and decorum in society. While many may think that law is very simple, but, it’s not like that. Law is divided into several sections and among them criminal law is very complex thing.

Hence, care should be taken to handle criminal cases with the help of Toronto criminal lawyer. The criminal attorney having vast years of experience can deal with any kind of criminal cases very easily. In fact, if one takes a close look into various newspaper journals, one gets to see that criminal lawyer plays a huge role in today’s society.

Purpose of Criminal Law

 Before you take a close look into the role of a criminal lawyer, you need to have a little bit of information about the basis of criminal law. The heart of judicial system is based on the fact that it would deal with law and order. The extent to which punishment should be given depends on the crime.

In short, it can be said that criminal law looks after imposing a sentence for a criminal act that has been enacted by them. Some skilled Toronto criminal lawyer states that sometimes freedoms and rights can be taken away from the accused. However, lawyers will take all efforts to compensate the loss of rights. In short, it can be said that the lawyer will try that a client is not falsely accused and face false sentences. Rather, they should be awarded a sentence if proved guilty.

Toronto criminal lawyers


Role of Criminal Attorney

 Even though a person may abide by the laws and rules of society, one gets to see that civilians are not responsible for their imposition. Whether one wishes to follow or break the law, totally depends on individual person. Execution of the law falls under the hands of criminal justice system which is followed by Toronto criminal lawyer.


Ensure Crime doesn’t Occur

 Criminal attorneys will try to ensure that a person don’t take laws in their own hands. They should not harm others in order to get justice. They will try to ensure that people remain protected from actions of others. They can discourage people from committing crimes.


Prevent Harassment

Toronto criminal lawyer

A Toronto criminal lawyer will try to check you are not harassed by law enforcement officers unnecessarily. They can stay by the side of clients and help then to answer queries. They can teach clients on the way to respond.


Provide Defense

 In case a person is charged of a crime they have not committed, with available evidences carried out from their side, the attorney can prove the accused innocent.


Hasten Court Case

One important role of Toronto criminal lawyer is to fasten the court case. They know that criminal case can be very taxing and can make a person strained. The criminal attorney knows various technicalities and can plead to solve the case as fast as possible

The role of a criminal attorney is just endless. They will ensure a case gets settled as fast as possible and their client leads a normal life.